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EnerStride Essential

EnerStride Essential is a more robust version of EnerStride Lite. It’s designed to allow users more independence and security with the addition of hand brakes.  Whether walking indoors or outdoors, users will have peace of mind knowing they can control their speed.

EnerStride Professional

EnerStride Professional is designed to be used by both individuals and care professionals. It features the utmost control and security with hand brakes, a Steady Bar system, and two Elastic Band Anchors to help control stride length.

EnerStride Titan

EnerStride Titan is the most robust of all EnerStride devices. In addition to the standard offerings, it boasts two orange horizontal crossbars as well as two heavy-duty steel reinforcing lock cross-pins which make it a perfect fit as a bariatric stability aid as well as a recovery mobility aid for large athletes.

EnerStride Peanut

EnerStride Peanut is the perfect walking companion for pediatric users. It possesses the benefits of Welhub’s standard mobility aids in a compact device. The unique frame design paired with the bright, shiny colors makes it fun to use while keeping the user stable and comfortable.


Welhub was established on the principle of creating high-quality, innovative products to address specific health and wellness needs. Our philosophy is to use the best materials and manufacturing methods to create the highest quality products available on the market, built entirely in the USA.



I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for your company and products, specifically the EnerStride. My mother has Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP) and she has been walker bound for a few years now.  It never really suited her and I just so happened to take her to a medical supply store in Arvada and found this Enerstride at the store just yesterday.  She LOVES it and she looks so good standing UP as opposed to being hunched over to walk!  It’s life-changing for her…very exciting.  Immediate purchase!

Jason H.User’s Son | Colorado

A friend showed me his EnerStride the other day. I had my hip replaced four years ago and sure wish EnerStride had been available then. I struggled every day for several weeks, bent over a traditional walker, and ended up hurting my back and my shoulders. EnerStride is a fantastic advance in assistive device design.

Marlene S.User’s Friend | New Mexico

EnerStride is one of the best innovations to come along in walking aids. No longer does everyone have to walk like an old person, hunched over their walker. EnerStride enables them to get the support they need in an upright position where they can actually see the world around them and look at their companions face-to-face.

From the first day one of our residents started using EnerStride, she could not stop talking about how much better she felt in every way. She was happy to be using it. She was standing up straight, and she knew her daughter would be pleased with that. She greatly increased the amount of walking she did, as well as the amount of enjoyment she got from it. It has been a very positive factor in her care.

Sue W.Director of CS Nursing | Colorado