Welhub was formed in 2015 as a result of recognizing a gap in the market for innovative, high quality mobility aid devices.  Out of that recognition came the idea to design a device to be a tool for living happier and healthier lives without limitations. Our devices were originally placed in private homes. After receiving feedback from users, their family members, and professional caregivers, we realized our devices could also be beneficial in professional facility environments.

Unique Approach to Design and Innovation

Welhub’s value provided to customers is designing unique and high-quality products to address specific health and wellness needs. Our philosophy behind our products is to use the best materials and manufacturing methods to create the most functional, durable, and light weight products available.

100% Manufactured in the USA

Welhub’s products are built entirely in the USA using the highest quality of locally and globally sourced materials and components. This allows us to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product available on the market in terms of safety, durability, and dependability.


I want to thank you for the opportunity to try out EnerStride. As you know my initial reaction was that having such a handsome walker to use in my home was a bit like having a new car parked in my driveway, but using it only to drive in and out of the garage.

However, after a few weeks of using EnerStride every time I move more than a few feet within my house, I realize that it is much more than a handsome toy. It provides a sturdy and safe way to move around in my home, including easy movement around corners and through doorways. The height adjustment is certainly helpful for the 6’4″ tall 90 year old.

Tim P.User | California

A rock climbing accident left me with a broken leg, a broken ankle and a four month recovery. The physical pain was bad enough, but the pain of being semi-immobilized was much worse. EnerStride gave me the freedom and mobility to get my strength and flexibility back. The large wheels can handle rough surfaces, and even gentle hiking trails.

Taylor C.User | New Mexico

A friend showed me his EnerStride the other day. I had my hip replaced four years ago and sure wish EnerStride had been available then. I struggled everyday for several weeks, bent over a traditional walker, and ended up hurting my back and my shoulders. EnerStride is a fantastic advance in assistive device design.

Marlene S.User’s Friend | New Mexico

EnerStride is one of the best innovations to come along in walking aids. No longer does everyone have to walk like an old person, hunched over their walker. EnerStride enables them to get the support they need in an upright position where they can actually see the world around them and look at their companions face-to-face.

From the first day one of our residents started using EnerStride, she could not stop talking about how much better she felt in every way. She was happy to be using it. She was standing up straight, and she knew her daughter would be pleased with that. She greatly increased the amount of walking she did, as well as the amount of enjoyment she got from it. It has been a very positive factor in her care.

Sue W.Director of CS Nursing | Colorado